Your room in a box.

Room prototyping for Hoteliers.

Play it safe: Build a fully functional mock-up room with us and benefit from these advantages: Planning security, manufacturer-neutral advice and an optimal room as a result. And in the end you will save time and money!

Room in a box
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Why a KASPACES Mock-up room?

With a KASPACES mock-up room you can reach not only a better end result in a relaxed manner - you also save money! See here why.


Your benefits at a glance

Advantage No. 1

Time & Money

What seems like additional work saves time and money in the end: If you build a mock-up room, you minimize risks. After all, if you don't build a mock-up room (or only in the shell of the building), you will have to make time-consuming and cost-intensive improvements if problems arise during hotel construction.

Advantage No. 2

Communication & Planning

Let's talk. We offer conference and training rooms for construction meetings. So you can coordinate closely with all partners and service providers. You can also use our event area for events & workshops.

Advantage No. 3

Safety & Technology

Check your room: Does the technology work as desired? Does the room layout fit? Are the sockets correctly positioned? Essential questions about the general layout can be clarified and optimised early on in the mock-up room.

Advantage No. 4

Interior & Consulting

You can only really test your interior in the real installation situation: Carpets, bathroom fittings, furniture, lights, windows ... We would be happy to advise you: competently and above all, independent of manufacturers!

Advantage No. 5

Marketing & Advertising

The marketing of a hotel begins long before the building is completed. Use your final equipped mock-up room to create professional pictures and guide the press or potential buyers through your room.

One idea - three installation options

We recommend the mock-up construction in our hall. But there are also other possibilities - here is an overview!

Mock-up room in the mock-up centre

Mock-up room in the mock-up centre

  • Perfect conditions
  • KASPACES consultants always on site for you
  • No deprivation of own premises
  • Anonymous implementation, confidentiality
  • Meeting rooms and event areas available
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Mock-up rooms in your hotel complex

Mock-up rooms in your hotel complex

  • Short distances, no commuting necessary
  • Trades can be assigned in the immediate vicinity
  • Installation true to detail in original conditions
  • Implementation of test sequences possible
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Mock-up room at the place of your choice

Mock-up room at the place of your choice

  • Mock-up room in a Premium Container
  • All modules also available as a variant in weatherproof wood
  • Can be installed at almost any location
  • Meeting rooms and storage areas can be booked
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We can tell you a lot …

We are convinced of our performance - of course. Therefore: who would be better suited to confirm the advantages of our mock-up room construction service than our customers? Exactly.

Jochen Appelmann
Jochen Appelmann, Riebel Generalunternehmer

"The plannability and error prevention that we achieve with the mock-up rooms at KASPACES saves us a lot of time and money."

Michael Stich
Michael Stich, former professional tennis player, Wimbledon and Olympic champion

"Why KASPACES? - Every champion knows that before success comes intense training."

Martin Penner
Martin Penner, Lanz Architekten, Munich

"With the mock-up room, what was previously only a vision becomes tangible."

Franz Wilkowski
Franz Wilkowski, Riebel General Contractor GmbH and Co. KG

"A mock-up room at KASPACES saves money: In our last project alone, we saved 45,000 euros through an optimized electrical installation"

Julia Mittmann
Julia Mittmann, Mittmann Innenarchitektur

"In the 1:1 implementation, we bring everyone on board, from the investor to the housekeeper. The result is a fully thought-out product with a broad basis."

Katharina Beatriz Varga
Katharina Beatriz Varga, JUNG

"I recommend KASPACES because I think it is a very good, sustainable concept. projects can be approached in a thoughtful way."

Michael Geisel
Michael Geisel, Geisel Privathotels

"I'd rather take a detour to the mock-up room than to the hotel later."

Jimmy Doll
Jimmy Doll, KW AG

"Especially with rooms for the "Long Stay" it is important to offer a sophisti­cated living concept. Thanks to the mock-up room at KASPACES, we were able to realise this."

Uschi Wallner
Uschi Wallner, isar42

"Furnishing and equipping a hotel is a matter close to our heart. My heart beats all the faster when we are allowed to work in a mock-up room that can be touched and experienced directly."

Those who come to KASPACES come back.

Why, you can read about it in our success stories.

Beyond Expectations

The luxury residence BEYOND by Geisel sets new standards.

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With excavator and kicker

Riebel General Contractor celebrates KASPACES mock-up room with construction site party.

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It goes without saying that we treat the projects anonymously if desired and agree to a non-disclosure agreement.

BEYOND by Geisel


Space is the place: Here in Garching, in the north of Munich, we not only have space for mock-up rooms. Our flexible event space is regularly used for events. Maybe yours too?



  • Kampus-Seminar, 18.02.2020
  • Claus Jacobs Workshop No. 9, 13.11.2019
  • Construction site party with Riebel-GU, 11.07.2019
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Ihre Veranstaltung bei uns

Your event with us

  • Classic conference room (up to 10 persons)
  • Permanent event area (up to 30 persons)
  • Flexible space for workshops etc. (up to 100 persons)
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Make an appointment! Visit us in Garching, in the north of Munich, for a free consultation appointment. We would be pleased to present our concept to you in a personal meeting.

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